Whether You Have Sold Any eCommerce Product Before, Here's The Proven "One Page Store" Method To Generate An Extra Online Income

All You Need Is A "One Page Store" To Start Your Lucrative eCommerce Business - WITHOUT Having Your Own Product!

The Overview

While building massive store websites and having hundreds of products do work, it's also very resource-driven and costly to build.

If your goal is to make money online quick, starting with $100/day in the beginning, it's much quicker and easier to launch a "one page store". 

With the One Page eCom Method, I setup a 100% automated system for packaging, handling and shipping of the products to the U.S market - it's completely dropship from my fulfilment house. 

The reason for selling in the US market is the higher profit margin and huge market of customers.

The One Page eCom 4-Modular Workshop 

For over a decade of teaching students to succeed online, I've also learn the art of training and getting the results for my clients.

You see, the common approach of training is to conduct the workshop over the weekends, hoping that the students will be able to grasp everything and start building after that.

But the reality is, most students will get panic if you try to teach them everything over a weekend. The fact is, it’s not an effective way to teach because we’re jamming everything in just 2 days.

20 Days Of Learning And To Build The eCom Business

Thus, instead of doing a weekend workshop, I'll run it as a modular workshop so that you have the time to learn and to build at the same time!

Here are the 4 modulars:
  • Modular #1: Product Sourcing And Dropshipping
  • ​Module #2: Setting Up Your One Page Store
  • ​Module #3: Getting Traffic And Promotion
  • ​Module #4: Income Multiplier And Scaling 
After each Modular, you'll be given 5 days for training immersion and taking the actions accordingly. This way, you'll have the time to start implementing of what you have learned, which leads to launching your eCommerce business in just 20 days!

Teaching By Demonstrating

Over this 20-day period, we will go over every step of the process to build the one page store business.

I'm going to teach you by DEMONSTRATION. No theory. You're literally going to watch me choose the product to sell, build the one page store and start getting customers from scratch without me having any brand or whatsoever.

Other Components Included 

As part of One Page eCom, apart than the core modular workshop, you'll also get these powerful components to help you get started conveniently. This way, it can drastically help you to save money and also, to accelerate your progress.

1. One Page Store Builder For 60 Days Free

If you do not have any page builder tool and don't want to pay any monthly hosting fees when you first get started, you can use our One Page Store Builder for 60 days free. This allows you to get started WITH ZERO COST.

During the Modular Workshop training, I'll also be using the same page builder, which means, you can follow the steps of building your one-page store easily.

You'll also get my store template to use for free.
If you decided to continue, the fee would be only an affordable $49/month. But you'll also be given the opportunity to sign up for a 1-year plan at an incredible discount. At the same time, you're not obligated to use it after 60 days, you can use any other tool that you like available outside. We're only offering this to help you SAVE MONEY when you first get started to get sales.

2. Done-For-You 100 Researched Product Ideas

Although I'll be teaching you my product sourcing secrets and strategies in the One Page eCom Workshop, to help you jumpstart for the next 2 months, I'll give you my entire list of sourced product ideas that have been researched to be potentially profitable! They are researched based on the trend, demands, profitability, etc. 

Which means, when you start the workshop, in Modular 1, you'll be given 200 sourced product ideas.

All of the heavy liftings work has already been done for you. Your rate of success has automatically increased just because of this.

3. The eCom Dropship Cost Calculator

To do dropshipping profitably, you'll need to have a TOOL to calculate your costing properly - do you know the exact cost to fulfil the product into a customer's hand, from the moment you place an order from the merchant?

Seriously, it's more complicated than you think it is. It's not as simple as sketching it out on a piece of paper with your handy smartphone calculator. 

There are other costs such as shipping, warehouse storage, unpacking, insertion, etc but with this tool of mine, it takes you just 2 minutes to calculate everything. 

This convenient tool was developed for me by an expert to use "IN-HOUSE". But right now, I'm going to give to you as part of One Page eCom.

4. Facebook Ad "Fill-In-The-Blanks" Templates

You'll also get my powerful ad copies to sell the eCommerce products for your one-page store! 

These are not normal templates. Reason is, they are crafted personally by me, based on the product promotion strategies that I'm teaching in the Modular Workshop.

All you need to do is "fill in the blanks" with your own product details and you can start running your Facebook ads like a pro as you are cloning my FB Ads copies. 


As a special bonus, you'll also get my famous Operation Recession Takeover Course worth $199 today.

I created this course previously is because many were affected with the financial crisis. This compressive program is specifically tailored to help them to make money online as fast as possible during this critical time by selling products that the market is still buying.

It's to help them to generate income so that they have cash to invest for their future. In version 2.0, I'll be teaching a new model - how to sell physical books as an eCom product to make USD income.

 What You Will Need

1. You don't need to have any eCommerce or digital marketing knowledge, but you'll need internet access and a computer.

2. ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET. Just like anything new, we will definitely experience challenges as that's part of building a business. All businesses do not achieve success overnight. 

I've been marketing and selling online for 17 years now. It has never been "push button easy" but fortunately, you'll get to save months or even years because I will be sharing with you how to do it and WHAT WORKS.

3. A Focus Mind And Be Committed. I will do my best to teach you. Your role is to take action and not get distracted. If you give up easy, you'll always be a victim to scams because it'll lure you with hypes.

 No Upsells For More eCom Training!

When you get One Page eCom, you get EVERYTHING that I have to teach you to make the system works for you to make money online. There are no upsells to buy more eCom courses or some "advance training". This is the big difference than you see other courses out there as they have many upsells waiting for you after your initial purchase.

In short, you can find a lot of $50 programs out there but you'll end up spending $500 buying all of the upsells.

With us, for just an affordable one-time off investment in One Page eCom, you're getting the high value trainings, the tools, the templates and support you need to start making $100/day.

 The Cost

It’s no surprise that without One Page eCom, you could be spending another $1,000 just on learning and building online stores, hoping to get started with an eCommerce business. Or even bought into another $997 software.

The cost of this comprehensive program is only $499. This is a one time-off investment and you'll never be charged again.

However, we are still offering a discount for the third intake. Thus, when you reserve today, your investment is just a one-time off $499 $299. Again, there's no upsell.

That's a tiny investment for the 20-day period taught by someone who has been selling online for the past 17 years and known as the #1 Internet Marketing Pioneer.

On top of that, you'll get 4 POWERFUL COMPONENTS that will help you to save money and accelerate your success.

Simply put, after 20 days of training, you'll be able to launch your one page store business and start on your $100/day income plan. And that's just the beginning of your income.
Click the button below to reserve your spot now. 

About Patric Chan

Patric Chan is an international speaker of 12 countries best-selling author of 3 physical books and internet marketing pioneer. Patric and his products have been featured in CNN, Entrepreneur.com & Forbes. In the internet marketing industry, he is a ClickBank Platinum of 7 years. To date, his testimonials include millionaires and world's top digital marketers. 
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